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Financial planning can be overwhelming.
Our Investment Advisor Representatives can help show you the way.

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If you feel like you’re in the dark when it comes to taxes, investments and legacy planning, our team of Investment Advisor Representatives can help. Pete and his team have helped clients gain clarity about their finances and establishing a plan to help work towards creating a secure present and future.

We help clients like you answer questions like:

Can I retire?
How much do I need for retirement?
What kind of risk should I be taking?
How do I create income so I don’t run out of money in my lifetime?
How do taxes work with social security?
How do I help ensure my kids inherit money and not go through probate?
Are the insurance plans I have competitive, and are they suitable for my needs?
Will health care costs consume my assets, and how do I protect myself from this risk?How do I make sure I’m maximizing my tax situation, both now and on my legacy?


Social Security Analysis

Using specialized tools, our IARs review your current and projected social security benefits based on indicated dates and life expectancies. Then, they make recommendations on how to help maximize these benefits for you and your loved ones.

Tax Planning

As part of our tax planning program, our Investment Advisor Representatives will gather information relating to your unique tax situation while taking into consideration your business, real estate, investments, income and expenses. Next, we’ll analyze your unique circumstances and provide guidance for your current and future tax planning.


Financial Planning

By reviewing your overall financial situation including your current income, lifestyle and goals, we’ll help create a plan to help you work towards your life objectives. Often this will include a budget and strategy that incorporates short-term savings as well as options and recommendations for investment vehicles that suit your specific risk tolerance, time frame and goals

Retirement Planning

What does your dream retirement look like to you? Whether you’re just starting your career or are just a few years away from leaving the workforce full-time, our Investment Advisor Representatives will help you create a strategy with the goal of helping you work towards turning your retirement vision into reality.


Investment Planning

Chances are you may be wealthier than you think. Taking into account your risk tolerance, your age and your objectives, our Investment Advisor Representatives will analyze and help optimize your portfolio so you can work toward living the life of your dreams now, and in the future.

Legacy Planning

Knowing you have a plan in place for the distribution and decision-making related to your assets and estate. With the help of our strategic partners, we will help you implement a strategy that assists with your wishes being carried out.


Insurance Planning

When appropriate insurance is needed, we work with American Senior Benefits who broker over 180 insurance companies to consult with and we believe we provide some of the most comprehensive solutions in the industry.  With life, Long term care, health insurance, Medicare, and fixed/indexed Annuities.


What They Say

The team at Corestone Wealth Management has done a great job for us. We have or have had about 8 accounts or services from the team, and all have worked out great. They are by far the most honest and straight forward people we have worked with. The advice and suggestions they have given us are always right on and we trust them with anything financial. We highly recommend that you visit them.

Lloyd and Terry

I am extremely thankful that the team at Corestone Wealth Management have been my Financial Planners as well as my friends. I have always had a great experience with them and feel as though I have known them all my life. They are always there to give me advice and answer questions I may have. They are very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I retired a couple of years ago and had no idea what to do after working for 30 years with the same company. They are the greatest!!!!


Pete and his team are very caring and patient. They took the time to help me with my husbands group benefits and convert his life insurance right before the deadline. They coordinated my health insurance, income needs, tax guidance and investment management, all under one roof! I wouldn’t be where I am at without them! Thank you! Thank you!


I have known Peter Orth for over a decade. I trust his Fiduciary approach so much, that now, my wife, my kids and extended family entrust Corestone Wealth Management to handle our money.


As we have transitioned into retirement years we have received advice from professionals along the way; as in “I know a company that can help you with managing your financial situation. Their company is Corestone Wealth Management, and they are really good.” No truer words have been spoken. The team at Corestone took the time to learn about our life, our situation, and proceeded to recommend a path that we could not be happier about!

Kevin & Hannah

The people giving these testimonials were directly solicited by the Advisor and no compensation was provided.