Your Financial Peace Is Our Priority

We believe you deserve a healthy financial life, now and in the future. With our experience, we can show you strategies to help you work towards meeting your goals.
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Our Mission

Our goal is to help you protect your wealth and health.  We do this by taking a holistic planning approach with your insurance, Investments, Retirement, taxes, and legacy plan by focusing on your goals and individual situation. Go play! We got this. 

Our Investment Advisor Representatives have been helping clients like you establish a path for your financial future, while enjoying today. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a mid-career employee or a retiree, our team of Investment Advisor Representatives can help you create a holistic strategy that encompasses your investments, taxes, insurance and legacy planning. 

Using our customized, client-centered approach our goal is to help our clients maximize and protect their existing assets so they can build the lifestyle they’ve worked hard for now and in the future, while potentially preparing to leave a legacy for their loved ones. 

Our Services

Time is finite. Wealth may be limitless.

Our team can help you work towards your goals and protect your existing assets, and help create strategies for building wealth, with the goal of buying you more time to focus on what matters to you. Corestone’s Investment Advisor Representatives can help you create a holistic plan that encompasses the following:


Social Security

Social security analysis and recommendations.


Tax Planning

Financial advice including retirement planning, investment planning, tax planning and legacy planning.


Qualified Distributions

Tax suggestions and guidance for current and future tax years.

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How We Are different

Our Approach

Personalized Services

We offer each and every one of our clients the care and attention they deserve. Leaving no stone unturned, our Investment Advisor Representatives dig deep to gain an accurate understanding of your current situation and learn about your goals so we can deliver advice on insurance, financial planning, taxes and legacy planning that is customized to you. Whether we are serving you remotely or in-person, we focus our attention on the detail and are committed to helping you work towards your goals.

Giving Back

We believe that helping others is an important part of every financial plan, whether it’s at the personal or organizational level. That’s why supporting those in need—both at home and around the globe—is built into our business model at Corestone Wealth Management LLC (‘Corestone’). Along with participating in a business consulting mission in Haiti, we support Feed My Starving Children through regular donations.

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Financial Fiduciaries

Every Corestone Investment Advisor Representative is designated to act as a fiduciary for their clients, regulated by the state of Minnesota. Our advisors are legally designated to act on your behalf, prudently managing your investments with a fiduciary standard through fee only, or fee based investment advice.
All our advice is rendered in the client’s best interest with your estate, legal and philanthropic goals in mind while providing you with full disclosure.

A Holistic Team of Professionals

We have strategic partnerships with a network of lawyers, Chartered Professional Accountants and estate planning attorneys who, upon our referral, can support you on your wealth-building journey. As a Corestone client, you can rest assured that a vetted and experienced community of professionals is there to support you by providing advice in specialized areas of personal finance including mortgages, reverse mortgages and real estate. 

Years in the financial industry.


fiduciary responsibility with assets under management.


When it comes to personal finance, we believe knowledge truly is power.

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What They Say

The team at Corestone Wealth Management has done a great job for us. We have or have had about 8 accounts or services from the team, and all have worked out great. They are by far the most honest and straight forward people we have worked with. The advice and suggestions they have given us are always right on and we trust them with anything financial. We highly recommend that you visit them.

Lloyd and Terry

I am extremely thankful that the team at Corestone Wealth Management have been my Financial Planners as well as my friends. I have always had a great experience with them and feel as though I have known them all my life. They are always there to give me advice and answer questions I may have. They are very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I retired a couple of years ago and had no idea what to do after working for 30 years with the same company. They are the greatest!!!!


Pete and his team are very caring and patient. They took the time to help me with my husbands group benefits and convert his life insurance right before the deadline. They coordinated my health insurance, income needs, tax guidance and investment management, all under one roof! I wouldn’t be where I am at without them! Thank you! Thank you!


I have known Peter Orth for over a decade. I trust his Fiduciary approach so much, that now, my wife, my kids and extended family entrust Corestone Wealth Management to handle our money.


As we have transitioned into retirement years we have received advice from professionals along the way; as in “I know a company that can help you with managing your financial situation. Their company is Corestone Wealth Management, and they are really good.” No truer words have been spoken. The team at Corestone took the time to learn about our life, our situation, and proceeded to recommend a path that we could not be happier about!

Kevin & Hannah

The people giving these testimonials were directly solicited by the Advisor and no compensation was provided.